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Here are some teaching materials you are free to download and use for your own classroom. (For any other purposes, please contact me for permission.)

Please check out my other teaching materials at Chalkboard Productions.


Spanish Materials:

La Familia Limpia
(YouTube Video)
**(Can't use YouTube in school? Try my Yahoo video of it.)

El Gato Malo y el Perro Durmiendo
(PowerPoint 294KB)
Escoge el Cuento
(PowerPoint 46.5 KB)
Spanish Trivia
(like Jeopardy board) (PowerPoint 91.5 KB)

Spanish Daily Note Sheets
(PDF 125 KB)
Spanish Lectura Libre Log Form
(PDF 39.8 KB)

Spanish 1 Conversation Questions
(doc 25 KB)
Spanish 2 Conversation Questions
(doc 24 KB)

Spanish 3 Conversation Questions
(doc 23 KB)
Spanish 4 Conversation Questions
(doc 21 KB)

Spanish Names for Students
(doc 52 KB)
TPRS Stories to go with En Español 1
(doc 428 KB)
TPRS Stories to go with En Español 2
(doc 150 KB)
Martin Luther King PowerPoint
(PowerPoint 707 KB)
Country Project 1
(doc 27 KB)
Country Project 2
(doc 21 KB)
Country Project 1 Grading Rubric
(doc 24 KB)
Tengo Sheet (Bingo)
(doc 22 KB)

French Materials:

Le Chat Méchant et le Chien Dormant
(PowerPoint 294 KB)
Choisis le Conte
(PowerPoint 51.5 KB)
French Trivia
(like Jeopardy board) (PowerPoint 91 KB)
French Daily Note Sheets
(PDF 120 KB)

French Lecture Libre Log Form
(PDF 37.5 KB)
French Devoirs Choisis
(PDF 217 KB)

Famous French People Project Instructions
(html 4.71 KB)
Famous French People Links
(html 20 KB)
French Names for Students
(doc 48 KB)

French 2 Vocab 02 Example of Flashcards
(doc 20 KB)
French 1 Conversation Questions
(doc 27 KB)
French 2 Conversation Questions
(doc 25 KB)
French 3 Conversation Questions
(doc 24 KB)
French 4 Conversation Questions
(doc 22 KB)
Martin Luther King PowerPoint
(PowerPoint 707 KB)
French Country Project 1
(doc 24 KB)
French Country Project 2
(doc 22 KB)
French Country Project 3
(doc 24 KB)
Country Project 1 Grading Rubric
(doc 24 KB)

Je l'ai Sheet (Bingo)
(doc 22 KB)

J'ai peur Alice presentation
(html 2 KB) (You will need to install some software to view it. The links are on this page.)


Il gatto cattivo e il cane che dormiva
(Translated by Judi Mazziotti)

(PowerPoint 2.36 MB)

Not Language Specific Materials:

Technology and TPRS Handout
(from NTPRS 2006) (doc 40 KB)
TPRS Assessments Handout
(from IFLTA doc 40 KB)

What in the World is TPRS Anyway? Handout
(from IFLTA doc 42 KB)

Alice Leaves Wonderland
(from IFLTA doc 16 KB)

Storytelling Daily Grade Rubric
(PDF 103 KB)

How to set up an International Keyboard Win XP
(doc 45 KB) (From Nikki McDonald)
Participation self-evaluation form
(doc 24 KB)
Student Chore Assignments
(doc 24 KB)
Multi-level Classroom Handout
(doc 36 KB)

Packing Suitcase Activity
(doc 472 KB)

Levels of Language Acquisition Poster
(doc 23KB)
Notebook Rubric
(doc 43KB)





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